Our patented combination of microfluidics, miniaturised opto-electronics and automation builds the basis of a small, simple and reliable test system.
GENSPEED® allows the detection of up to 8 different analytes as a multiplex assay on-site within only a few minutes and with high sensitivity

For analysis simply insert the test chip into the GENSPEED® R2, add the patient sample (after some preparational steps) onto the test chip and start the appliance. The GENSPEED® Report software automatically generates a report of the results.

The advantages of the GENSPEED® platform at a glance:

  • Multiplex assay
  • Automated rapid testing (results in 15 – 20 minutes)
  • Easily adaptable for specific customer requirements
  • Performance (sensitivity, quantitation,..) comparable with expensive laboratory methods
  • IVD-CE certified hardware and software 

The GENSPEED® technology can be used for a wide range of applications: proven fields of application include nucleic acid (genetic) detection and protein analyses.

While the GENSPEED® assays for nosocomial infections are based on the indirect detection of PCR-amplified DNA regions the identification of germs associated with periodontitis directly targets specific RNA molecules. Furthermore, GENSPEED® enables the direct detection of up to 8 different protein markers in a single analysis within a few minutes. Our protein assays can be used for qualitative as well as quantitative requests.