OEM Solutions

The GENSPEED technology opens new markets for our OEM partners

  • Do you have a laboratory ELISA test in your portfolio that your customers would like to perform faster and from a smaller sample volume
  • Do your customers want to quantify several different biomarkers at once in a short time from capillary blood or any other specimen
  • Do you want to develop a test to discriminate or quantify different bacterial pathogens based on genetic differences in DNA or RNA at the point of care

With the GENSPEED technology we can provide you with a sophisticated and versatile CE-IVD certified rapid test platform that opens up completely new possibilities in multiplex point of care testing. 

Combination of

  • Accelerated hybridization by novel microfluidics
    (capillary and shear force driven)
  • Simple & highly sensitive readout
    (chemiluminescence based optical detection)
  • Automated dispensing of reagents
    (cartridge system)

Results in Multiplex Micro ELISA

that allows

  • fully automated quantification of
  • up to 8 (16) parameters in parallel
  • in 15 minutes
  • from various sample types
  • at the Point of Care
Any ELISA type and even combinations of differtent types (e.g. sandwich & competitive) can be combined on one GENSPEED testchip

The following example illustrates how the inflammation marker CRP together with a proprietary marker of one our customers can be quantified simultaneously in human plasma samples within minutes:

Results summary:

  • Quick turnaround of sample results: 17 min
  • Hands on time: < 1 min (blood-plasma separation)
  • Quantitative Result
  • Sensitivity: ≤ 200 pg/ml für both analytes
  • CV ≈ 10%

The GENSPEED Workflow

Check out how easy it is with GENSPEED to quantify numerous biomarkers simultaneously from just a drop of blood within 15 minutes

Close the Technology Gap with GENSPEED 

GENSPEED tests are fast and easy like a lateral flow strip test but with the quality of lab ELISAs – PLUS MULTIPLEXING

If this looks promising to you and you want to open up new markets for your assays do not hesitate to contact us.
We would be pleased to start our collaboration with a feasibility study to demonstrate the great potential of GENSPEED for your particular assay

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