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GENSPEED-Schriftzug inkl. dem Slogan 'Fast Results to Drive Decisions'


Fast Results to Drive Decisions

Welcome to Genspeed Biotech

Our slogan is »Fast results to drive decisions«

Medical doctors and laboratories use our Genspeed®assays to obtain fast and reliable results to be able to offer their patients a targeted therapy without time delays.

The basic technology of Genspeed® is a patented combination of microfluidics, miniaturised opto-electronics and automation. Under the umbrella of Greiner Bio-One the GenspeedTeam brought this innovative technology to a versatile CE-IVD certified analysis system.

Versatile, easy and fast – the main features of Genspeed®

The Genspeed® product portfolio ranges from assays for the rapid identification of dangerous nosocomial pathogens (nosocomial infections) to point of care tests for the direct detection of periodontal pathogens (dental products ›). Moreover, we offer the Genspeed® technology platform as a universally adaptable solution for manufacturers who want to enter new markets and fulfil the rising demands on rapid testing.