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Our patented combination of microfluidics, miniaturised opto-electronics and automation builds the basis of a small, simple and reliable test system
Genspeed® allows the detection of up to 8 different analytes as a multiplex assay on-site within only a few minutes and with high sensitivity

For analysis simply insert the test chip into the Genspeed® R2, add the patient sample (after some preparational steps) onto the test chip and start the appliance. The Genspeed® Report software automatically generates a report of the results.

The advantages of the Genspeed® platform at a glance:

  • Multiplex assay
  • Automated rapid testing (results in 15 – 20 minutes)
  • Easily adaptable for specific customer requirements
  • Performance (sensitivity, quantitation,..) comparable with expensive laboratory methods
  • IVD-CE certified hardware and software

The Genspeed® technology can be used for a wide range of applications: proven fields of application include nucleic acid (genetic) detection and protein analyses.

While the Genspeed® assays for nosocomial infections are based on the indirect detection of PCR-amplified DNA regions the identification of germs associated with periodontitis directly targets specific RNA molecules. Furthermore, Genspeed® enables the direct detection of up to 8 different protein markers in a single analysis within a few minutes. Our protein assays can be used for qualitative as well as quantitative requests.

Direct Indirect
Target Type Proteins RNA DNA
*cfu: colony forming units
Application micro-ELISA, Immunoassays specific detection of living bacteria PCR based highly sensitive detection of bacteria, viruses
Time to result 15-30 min 15-30 min 75-120 min
Lod pg-ng/ml 104 cfu/ml* ~1-10 cfu/sample
Example Genspeed®
(succeeding lateral flow assays)
direct detection of Legionella
Genspeed® HAI
Customers doctors / on-site, pharmacies etc. (Point of Care) Doctors / on-site laboratories / small facility labs

Genspeed® OEM

We offer our OEM partners a state of the art technology with great potential.

The following example illustrates how the inflammation marker CRP together with a proprietary marker of one our customers can be detected simultaneously in human plasma samples within minutes.:


Results summary:

  • Quick turnaround of sample results: 17 min
  • Hands on time: < 1 min (blood-plasma separation)
  • Quantitative Output
  • Accuracy: ≤ 200 pg/ml for both analytes
  • CV ≈ 10%

If those results are looking promising to you and you want to explore the possibilities of future markets and meet the increasing demands of regulatory guidelines for IVDs do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to start our collaboration with a feasibility study to demonstrate the great potential of Genspeed® for your particular assay.

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