GENSPEED Biotech was founded in fall 2016 as a spin-off company of Greiner Bio-One.

Highly qualified employees are devoted to the development, production and sales of in-vitro diagnostic.

Basis is the patented GENSPEED technology that was further developed to an IVD-CE certified product platform. With its novel combination of microfluidics, miniaturised opto-electronics and automation GENSPEED for the first time enables the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes with high sensitivity at the point of care within a few minutes.

The GENSPEED Test System may be used for nucleic acid-based genetic testing as well as for protein analyses.

Thus, the platform facilitates the rapid identification of defined bacteria or viruses as well as the quantitation of certain antibodies and biomarkers in blood or other biological material.

Our offer

  • GENSPEED, a universal Point of Care Testing (POCT) technology for assay manufacturers who aim for a maximum benefit through fast and reliable near-patient testing.
  • GENSPEED Immunoassays, a product line that allows the detection of specific antibodies from only one drop of blood. With the Mulitplex Micro ELISA by GENSPEED the test time of a standard laboratory ELISA is reduced from 2-4 hours to only 20 minutes with comparable quality. Currently, tests for COVID-19 and FSME are available.
  • PerioPOC Pro, an assay for the differential diagnostics within the dental office for a fast differential diagnosis, an individual therapeutic approach and efficient monitoring in the treatment of periodontitis.

The GENSPEED Technology allows easy and fast detection of multiple analytes at the point of care.

Dr. Max Sonnleitner


Bio-physicist mith more than 15 years management expertise, among others as CTO of Bioident (USA).

Dr. Sonnleitner serves as the CEO and is responsible for the business development for OEM partners.

Christoph Blaschitz


Molecular biologist with research experience in immunology and microbiology in the USA, with several years experience in controlling, financial management and Merger & Aquistions.

Christoph Blaschitz is responsible for the financial management and business administration.