With a range of rapid tests based on the GENSPEED µELISA-platform GENSPEED Biotech offers a great additional value for the whole society. The GENSPEED COVID-19 IgG xPOC is already available on the market since end of 2020 and more than 70.000 test have been performed.

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COVID-19 IgG xPOC - rapid antibody detection via µELISA

The COVID19 antibody test provides laboratory quality results on site within 20 minutes from just one drop of blood from the fingertip.

As the test detects antibodies against 3 different  SARS-CoV 2-Antigens, it is both highly sensitive and specific. This is impressively demonstrated in a publication in the Journal of Clinical Virology in which the GENSPEED COVID-19 IgG xPOC antibody test achieves 100% sensitivity and 93% specificity with a measurement time of 20 minutes compared to 6 laboratory ELISA tests with measurement times between 2 and 4 hours!

Advantages of the COVID19 IgG xPOC Antibodytest

  • Measurement from a fingertip drop of blood (20 µl)

  • Results within 20 minutes

  • High sensitivity
  • High specificity
  • Information on antibody titre
    • information on current concentration of neutralizing antibodies
    • information on previous infection by detecting nucleocapsid-specific antibodies
    • quantitative measurement enables individual follow-up and monitoring of immune status
Darstellung COVID Chip
The COVID19 IgG xPOC test chip uses different antigens from SARS CoV 2, making it highly sensitive and specific. The test principle corresponds to a multiplex ELISA and allows results in laboratory quality

*Studies established a correlation between a high titer of neutralizing antibodies and high vaccine efficacy and reduced risk of symptomatic infection respectively

(Literature Wajnberg et al. , Feng et al. , Earl et al. , Khoury et al.).

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