Compact, simple and fast – this is GENSPEED.

We offer the Genspeed technology platform with its universal applicability as an OEM solution for test manufacturers who want to open up new markets or need to fulfil the upcoming (regulatory) requirements for rapid testing. Our Genspeed product portfolio ranges from tests for the rapid detection of hospital acquired infections to the direct detection of periodontitis pathogens in the dental office (dental products).

xPOC - multiplexed biomarker quantification

Just a drop of blood

Measuring the concentration of multiple biomarkers in just one drop of blood and in only 15 minutes. The unique GENSPEED xPOC Immuno Multiplex technology enables the  next step towards personalized medicine. Quantify up to 8 biomarkers in parallel in just 50µl of capillary blood. Open up new market perspectives and put your assays on the CE-IVD certified GENSPEED OEM platform technology!

GENSPEED COVID-19 Antibodytest available!


Within 15 minutes, the GENSPEED COVID-19 IgG xPOC test delivers lab-quality results, as was impressively demonstrated in a study conducted by the Medical Faculty of the Johannes Kepler University Linz with a sensitivity of 100% compared to six laboratory ELISA methods published in the Journal of Clinical Virology. The Genspeed COVID-19 IgG xPOC antibody test is now available. More information can be found in the COVID-19 IgG xPOC brochure  

A second rapid test, which indicates an acute infection, will be launched in the second half of the year. to learn more, please proceed to our COVID19 Testportfolio

ORF report about the visit of the governor of Upper Austria to GENSPEED. During a tour of the company, Governor Thomas Stelzer mentioned mobile care, borders and air traffic as possible areas of application. "As long as this disease is there, the focus will be on testing and, above all, on fast results," Stelzer said in an ORF report.