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Fifty percent of people aged over 40 years suffer from periodontitis. Despite those numbers that mark periodontitis as one of the most common infectious diseases it is widely neglected.

Microbial testing is well established for subgingival plaque samples. However, many dentists refrain from this method, mainly because patient samples must be sent to a specialised laboratory causing additional logistic effort and costs for the dentist.

Quoting the Consensus paper (2010): Professional guidelines for microbial diagnostics of periodontitis in the dental office.

»The weaknesses of the currently available methods lie in the costs for the patients and in the time delay for commencing the therapy while waiting for the laboratory results.1

PerioPOC and the new automated PerioPOC Pro enable the dentist to obtain reliable results within a few minutes. All patients at risk for periodontitis or peri-implantitis will profit form this state-of-the-art service.

Quoting the Consensus paper (2010): Professional guidelines for microbial diagnostics of periodontitis in the dental office.

»A chair-side test to determine the microbial spectrum would be highly desirable1

*International Health Care Foundatio

Statements of our customers 

»GENSPEED Biotech have developed one of the first of a new generation of microbiology tests that fit well within the clinic, simplifying and speeding the production of results and enhancing outcomes for patients. PerioPOC provides a very useful addition to our diagnostic armamentarium when treating complex periodontal cases.«

Dr. Paul Renton-Harper, PeriodontistBristol, UK

The periodontitis problem:

  • Periodontitis is one of the most common infectious diseases – approx.- 50 % of people older than 40 years are affected
  • Worldwide 743 people suffer from severe chronic periodontitis (2010)2
  • Untreated periodontitis is the main cause of detention and may cause serious secondary diseases such as cardiovascular conditions
  • 1 Fünfte Deutsche Mundgesundheitsstudie (DMS V). Deutscher Zahnärzte Verlag DÄV, Köln, 2016. ISBN 978-3-7691-0020-4)
  • 2 Global burden of severe Periodontitis in 1990-2010: A systematic review and Meta-regression2014 – J Dent Res 93(11):1045-1053, 2014

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PerioPOC® at a glance:

  • Microbial chair-side test for periodontitis and peri-implantitis
  • Time to result 20 minutes
  • No shipment of patient samples
  • No laboratory equipment required
  • Detects only living bacteria – no false positives

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